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Headquartered in Salem, N.H., Emerald EMS is a high-tech electronics manufacturing services provider with global, cost-effective and high value manufacturing solutions servicing high-reliability end users in the Aerospace/Defense, Industrial Controls, Life Sciences, Power & Infrastructure, Semiconductor and Telecommunications sectors.






Emerald EMS is an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers, with a focus on high-reliability electronic assemblies. 

With design and manufacturing facilities in California, Michigan and New Hampshire, as well as in Shenzhen, China, Emerald EMS specializes in high mix, low- to medium-volume manufacturing for high-reliability markets in the Aerospace/Defense, Industrial Controls, Medical, Power & Infrastructure, Semiconductor and Telecommunications sectors.

Our international presence allows us to offer customers low-cost global facilities, ISO-certification and high-speed production capabilities. We have mastered small lot size builds and mid- to high-volume builds with exceptionally quick turnaround times, responsive customer service and a collaborative problem-solving approach to design and manufacturing.

Our facilities and trained staff support Electro-Mechanical and System Assembly, Reliability, Precision Touch-ups, In-circuit and Functional Tests, Rework and Failure Analysis, Complex Repair Depot Services, Final Test, Integration and Box Builds, a wide variety of Sophisticated SMT Placement, and Clean Room Assembly and Packaging Capability.

At Emerald EMS, we are committed to fully understanding and meeting the needs of our customers through quality excellence, advanced engineering, and strong commitment to customer relationships.

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Emerald EMS firmly believes that the best service is only achieved through transparent dialogue, superior management teams, embracing the uniqueness of each product, full attention to customer needs and working through challenges with each customer—as a team.

Transparency: We believe that trusted service begins with transparency, encouraging open and honest communication among employees, business partners/vendors, and customers.

Management Teams: Our management teams play a critical role at detecting potential challenges at the prototype stage, which are then resolved by positive collaboration with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Catching issues early saves our customers time and money.

Product Uniqueness: At Emerald EMS, we know that every product is unique. We embrace this uniqueness and enjoy the particular challenges that come with manufacturing each product. We realize we must be adaptable, flexible and responsive to the customer.

Customer Needs: We take pride in our ability to identify our customers’ needs, establish action plans, monitor performance and continually keep our customers up-to-date of the progress of their products. Product realization is met without a sacrifice to efficiency or high-quality results.

Working as a Team: We at Emerald EMS do everything within our power to ensure that our customers’ product development and manufacturing goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish. However, things happen, and issues arise. We firmly believe that when challenges are discussed openly and fairly, decisions can be made much more effectively, resulting in faster turnaround times, higher-quality products and satisfactory results.


There is only one design and production company as fully-committed to forming long-standing and continuing strategic partnerships with customers: Emerald EMS. Our business culture of trustworthiness, reliability and honesty ensure our customers visit us time and time again for their prototyping and manufacturing needs. We encourage creativity and responsibility by empowering our employees to participate in every function of the business. You can rely on Emerald EMS to deliver the best possible value through quality, technology, service and cost.

Emerald EMS’s dedication to our customers’ needs gives them the confidence they need to know their design and manufacturing partner of choice is responsive and capable of handing the most critical demands. We firmly believe that when challenges are discussed openly and fairly, decisions can be made more effectively–resulting in faster turnaround times, higher quality products and the most optimal results.


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